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Vietnam Train
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Victoria Express Train Tours Story
Vietnam Train schedule
Train From Hanoi to Saigon
Train From Saigon to Hanoi
Train between Hue & Danang
Train from Hanoi to Sapa
5star Express Saigon - Nhatrang Train
Vietnam Train schedule - FROM HANOI TO SAIGON
Train Station SE 1: 33h00 SE 3: 29h30 SE 5 : 30h30 TN 1: 38h00 TN 3: 40h50
Ha Noi 19h00 23h00 13h05 10h05 15h45
Ninh Binh       12h33 18h11
Thanh Hoa 22h19   16h22 13h53 19h39
Vinh 01h13   18h37 16h57 22h13
Dong Hoi 05h10 04h14 22h29 22h16 03h22
Dong Ha 07h44 07h47   00h48 06h55
Hue 8h42 10h37 01h19 02h29 06h55
Da Nang 11h40 13h13 03h38 05h51 10h21
Quang Ngai 14h40   06h20 09h07 13h36
Dieu Tri 17h45 18h17 09h11 13h26 16h53
Tuy Hoa 19h23     15h13 18h43
Nha Trang 21h59 21h42 12h37 17h29 21h21
Thap Cham 22h05   14h08 00h10 00h13
Muong Man     16h24 03h30 03h33
Sai Gon 05h20 04h30 20h00 02h55 07h25

Vietnam Train schedule - FROM SAIGON TO HANOI
Train Station SE 2: 33h00 SE 4: 29h30 SE 6: 30h30 TN 2: 38h00 TN 4: 40h50
Sai Gon 19h00 23h00 13h05 10h05 14h45
Muong Man     16h26 13h57 19h42
Nha Trang 03h01 05h40 20h11 19h03 00h57
Tuy Hoa     22h27 22h51 03h32
Dieu Tri 06h42 09h06 00h06 00h56 05h23
Quang Ngai 09h58     00h43 08h38
Da Nang 13h00 14h12 05h38 07h50 11h52
Hue 15h51 16h36 08h08 11h39 15h20
Dong Ha 17h06     13h01 16h42
Dong Hoi 19h12 19h27 11h16 15h19 18h55
Vinh 23h52 23h05 14h57 20h23 01h17
Thanh Hoa 02h29   17h26 23h30 04h24
Ninh Binh     18h35 00h59 05h42
Ha Noi 05h38 04h30 21h45 03h25 08h15

Note: The train does not stop at "-"
Passengers must make yourself available at the train station at least 1 hour before
the train departure
Train to Sapa
Two main roads wend their way into the north western mountain area: the latter part of the trip offers good views, but the roads are poor and the twelve-hour journey is tiring. For most visitors, overnight train travel from Hanoi to Lao Cai and by road to Sapa is the best option.
Sapa’s history
Sapa came into existence as a hill station during the French occupation. Previously a Black H’mong village, it was ‘discovered’ early in the twentieth century and developed as a resort for French military officers, civil servants and business people. Its marked similarity to alpine areas in France and its temperate climate made it a haven from Hanoi's clammy winter dampness and sultry humid summer. By 1940, it was a sizeable town populated almost entirely by French citizens.
Sa Pa today
Today, a few buildings have been restored, notably the church, shelled by the French as the Viet Minh began to advance through the northern mountains. Several of the new buildings are vaguely based on the long gone French villas. Apart from that, the only enduring memento of the French presence is the inclusion of open fires and chimneys in many buildings – a welcome addition as the temperature often slips below zero in winter
The ethnic minority groups
The main attraction of this area, apart from its superlative natural beauty, is Vietnam’s largest concentration of ethnic groups. Many distinct groups live in this area and, apart from those living around the tourist centre of Sapa, their dress, buildings, traditions and lifestyles have changed little over the last hundred years.

Victoria Train Fare in USD






Thu / Sat

Sat / Tue

Tue / Thu

Super 4 Berths

One way 115 USD

125 USD

Deluxe 2 Berths

One way 140 USD

Return 195 USD

Note: Train return Saturday 160 USD for  cabin 4 Berths &  260 USD cabin for 2 Berths

- All rates are in USD, inclusive breakfast, VAT & service charges.
- Tickets will be delivered to your hotel in Hanoi.

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